Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tech Tip Tuesday - Footnote.com

At my genealogy group meeting we had a demo of Footnote.com and were able to coordinate a group purchase at a discounted price. Looked good, so I gave it a try. After doing a bit of searching I did not feel it was something that would benefit me until I discovered the city directories. Wow, what a treasure those are! I have had so much luck finding my ancestors, especially in St. Paul MN. The city directories have helped me to trace my family's movements and I have discovered some new relatives, including my g-g-g grandmother, Mary Harkin Maloney and her daughter Ellen Maloney Hoban (sister of my g-g grandmother). I had assumed (just a thought here, NEVER assume in genealogy) the parents of my g-g- grands had stayed in Ireland. Well, they did not, so now I have some more work to do. YAY!

Check out Footnote.com. There are a lot of good records there. And even without a group discount, the service is reasonably priced.

I am in no way connected with nor did I receive anything for my endorsement of Footnote.com.

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