Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missing Mary

Mary Quill, sister of my g-grandfather John, and daughter of Jeremiah & Hannah, has been a mystery for the last 6 years. She was born in Philadelphia in 1866, and moved with the family to Ohio where they lived for a undetermined period of time. The family then moved west to St. Paul MN. I have her married name, from an IGI record on, and confirmed on the Civil War pension file for her father, but there the trail ended in 1891, no census or death records to be found.

One day  a few weeks ago I decided to search for a Mary McPherson (first husband's name) thinking maybe she married again. I found a marriage between Mary McPherson and Sonders Robert Reid on the FamilySearch website in St. Paul MN. in 1894.

I checked the 1900 census and the family was living in St. Paul MN with children and a border, who just happened to be the 13 year old daughter of Mary Quill's older sister,(who would become my great-aunt Mayme). In addition, Mary's birth place was Pennsylvania and both parents were born in Ireland.
Brick wall down!

I have been able to trace Mary through the census records in 1911(moved to Canada for a time), 1920 & 1930. She did not remarry and lived with her daughters which is what made it easy to keep track of her. In 1930 she lived in Portland Oregon. Next step, get her death certificate and obit if there is one.

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